Individual Client Solutions

Individual Client Solutions

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a unique asset that can be used to solve some of life's perplexing financial problems. While life insurance products are primarily used for death benefit protection, they are also used for long-term accumulation goals. Learn more

Long Term Care Insurance

Long-term care (LTC) is the term used to describe a variety of services in the areas of health, personal care, and social needs for individuals who are chronically disabled, ill,or infirm. Learn more

Annuity Insurance

A life annuity is a financial contract in which the issuer makes a series of future payments to the annuitant in exchange for the immediate payment of a lump sum or a series of regular payments. Learn more

Individual Disability Insurance

For most of us,our biggest asset is the ability to work and earn an income. Not being able to work - due to a job loss or a disability having taken away the ability to work - is often financially devastating. Learn more

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is a relatively new type of insurance coverage designed to help meet the extra, unforeseen fina ncial burdens associated with recovering from a serious, life­ threatening illness. Learn more

Travel Coverage

International medical insurance products servicing vacationers, those working or living abroad for short or extended periods, people traveling frequently between countries, and those who maintain multiple countries of residence. Learn more

Dental and Vision

Dental and Vision insurance are designed to pay a portion of your total cost. South Pacific Insurance will be able to help provide Dental and Vision Insurance specific for your needs. Learn more

Medigap Insurance

Medigap policies are designed to fill the "gaps" in health insurance provided under original Medicare, Parts A and B. These supplemental policies must provide standardized coverage as specified by the federal government. Learn more

Insurance Rating System

The financial strength of an insurance company is a very important factor to consider in purchasing life insurance or annuities. Learn more